Telephone Eavesdropping and Detection


Note: The Red Balloon is no longer in production. Created in 2005 this video is somewhat out of date in regards to digitial telephones and computer related security issues. It is, however, the comprehensive video on the subject of electronic eavesdropping. I share this video series for free.

The Red Balloon

Red Balloon is an extremely comprehensive TSCM video presentation covering everything from industrial espionage and methods of spy wiretapping and eavesdropping to the bug detectors, wiretap detection equipment and finding the right TSCM counter surveillance bug sweep service. Below is a breakdown of each chapter in order and it's associated video.

Chapter 1 - Introduction Industrial Espionage & Eavesdropping Video

This introduction to The Red Balloon provides a quick overview of the world of industrial espionage and electronic eavesdropping surveillance, as well as the background of your host, Charles Taylor, who was the author of world renowned “Telephone Eavesdropping and Detection” and the founder and program coordinator for the “Basic Electronic Eavesdropping Countermeasures” and “Advanced Telephone Eavesdropping Countermeasures” classes at Texas A&M University. His TSCM counter surveillance experience and teaching background make him the perfect person to host “The Red Balloon”.


Industrial Espionage Issues

Chapter 2 - Industrial Espionage Issues

This Chapter provides the viewer with an in-depth look of the issues surrounding corporate, industrial espionage and how many other techniques, besides electronic surveillance eavesdropping, are used to steal your valuable proprietary information.



Chapter 3 - Size of the Espionage & Eavesdropping Problem

Industrial Espionage ProblemsCorporate, industrial and economic (foreign) espionage have significantly increased since the end of the cold war. This Chapter provides you with an in-depth look at the statistical data compiled by Price Waterhouse Coopers, the FBI, the US Department of Commerce and the US Department of State which specifically identifies the size of the industrial espionage problem and the number of illegal electronic eavesdropping devices sold in the US each year.


Chapter 4 - Radio Eavesdropping Transmitters & Bugs

Radio Eavesdropping BugsWhen most people think of eavesdropping bugs and spy surveillance equipment their minds most always leap to those little wireless RF transmitters that are hidden to intercept your every spoken word. This Chapter delves into the realm of radio based professional spy gear and spy surveillance equipment and gives you an in-depth look into amateur, semi-professional and professional spy gear bugs. You will also learn how many non-traditional consumer wireless devices can be easily used for electronic eavesdropping.




Telephone WiretappingChapter 5 - Phone Taps / Wiretapping

Illegal telephone wiretapping and phone taps has mystified both the phone companies and the FBI for decades. This Chapter explores the different phone taps and wiretapping techniques used by both professional and amateur wiretappers and utilizes simple to understand illustrations which will simply take the mystery away. You will also learns why so many of the wiretap detectors and little black box wiretap detection devices sold by many spy stores and spy shops are, in reality, pretty much worthless.



Chapter 6 - Other Phone Eavesdropping Bugs

Hookswitch Bypasses for TelephonesThis Chapter explores the different hookswitch bypass techniques of modifying a telephone instrument so that room conversations flow down the telephone line while the telephone is both on-hook and off-hook. You will also discover how eavesdroppers can connect simple infinity transmitter devices to you phone line which allow them to dial up the device connected to your phone line from anywhere in the world and listen to your private room conversations.


Miniature MicrophonesChapter 7 - Other Eavesdropping

The world of electronic spy surveillance eavesdropping has expanded as the computer and microchip have revolutionized the world. This Chapter explores not only the ultra-miniature microphones that are manufactured today, but also the world of wireless video cameras, nanny cams, cellular phone tapping, and spyware software and keylogger devices designed to capture every keystroke you type on your computer.

Industrial Espionage


Chapter 8 - Threat Levels

This Chapter is designed to help you determine your threat level of being a victim of industrial espionage and electronic eavesdropping and how to determine what type of security consulting and TSCM counter surveillance bug sweep services are called for based upon your needs.


Chapter 9 - TSCM Counter Surveillance Bug Sweep Equipment

TSCM EquipmentWhether you are considering hiring a TSCM counter surveillance bug sweep service provider to debug your offices and residences, or you are simply wanting to learn more about the TSCM counter surveillance industry this Chapter thoroughly explores the different type of professional wiretap detection equipment and bug detectors required to detect current eavesdropping devices available. Charles Taylor, the video’s host, also explores which companies produce quality TSCM counter surveillance equipment and provides a brief overview of their history and the TSCM equipment they manufactures. For those considering buying TSCM equipment, this Chapter alone will save you thousands of dollars and hours of research.





Chapter 10 - Finding TSCM Service

TSCM Equipment ServiceThis Chapter is a 2 part video and dedicated to those companies and individuals that want to find a professional TSCM counter surveillance service provider to debug your offices and residences. Learn how to avoid many of the pitfalls when searching for a quality bug sweep company. This Chapter also provides you tremendous insight into how much you can expect to pay, how long the bug sweep will take and discuss many of the issues regarding TSCM counter surveillance training. If you are considering hiring a TSCM counter surveillance bug sweep service, this Chapter could save you thousands of dollars!


Eavesdropping Legal Issues

Chapter 11 - Legal Issues

Is it legal to electronic surveillance eavesdropping on your employees, your spouse or even your children? Is the spy gear and spy surveillance equipment sold at spy shops and spy stores legal to own or even import? What does the law say about reporting an electronic surveillance eavesdropping device if found? This Chapter answers all of these questions and more.



Chapter 12 - Conclusion

A basic wrap-up of The Red Balloon, and issues regarding industrial espionage eavesdropping, spy surveillance equipment, and countermeasures and counter eavesdropping by the video’s host, Charles Taylor