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Telephone Eavesdropping and Detection


Telephone Eavesdropping and Detection: The most comprehensive textbook on telephone eavesdropping and wiretapping ever published -- Price $149

Since the invention of telephones, eavesdroppers and wiretappers have been attacking telephone lines and instruments with innovation, cunning methods and technology.

Now there is a comprehensive book which explains the methods and technologies used by the wiretappers and other eavesdroppers who know how to manipulate your phone instrument so that the can listen-in to all your room conversations.

Telephone Eavesdropping and Detection Book

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Six years in the making and originally released in 1990, Telephone Eavesdropping and Detection is the most comprehensive publication on telephone eavesdropping ever offered. Its 500 pages and 300 original technical illustrations include more in-depth information than all other existing publications. Written by Charles L. Taylor and Richard Udovich, experienced instructors of eavesdropping countermeasures at Texas A&M University 's Law Enforcement and Telecommunication Training Divisions, this book provides the insights and knowledge required for both the novice and the experienced security and law enforcement professional to truly understand the wide variety of eavesdropping devices.


  1. Fundamentals of Electricity
  2. Electronic Circuits
  3. Electronic Components
  4. The Theory of Sound and Microphones
  5. The Telephone Exchange and Cable Distribution
  6. Building Telephone Cable Distribution
  7. Electro-Mechanical Key Systems (still popular in many third world countries)
  8. Electronic Key Systems
  9. Private Branch Exchanges (PBX)
  10. Telephone Taps – Operation and Electrical Characteristics
  11. Common Wiretap Methods
  12. Telephone Wiretap Detection Equipment
  13. Wiretap Detection Procedures for a Residence
  14. Wiretap Detection Procedures for Outside Plant Cable (cables between you and the telephone Company’s Central Office)
  15. Wiretap Detection Procedures for Electro-Mechanical Systems
  16. Wiretap Detection Procedures for Electronic Key Systems
  17. Wiretap Detection Procedures for PBX Systems
  18. The 500 Standard Telephone Instrument – Operations and Circuit Analysis
  19. Multi-Line Electro-Mechanical Key Telephone - Operations and Circuit Analysis
  20. Hookswitch Bypasses and Electro-Mechanical Telephones – Function and Circuit Analysis
  21. Electronic Telephone Instruments - Operations and Hookswitch Bypass Analysis
  22. Hookswitch Bypass Detection Procures and Equipment

Technical Advisory Board Members

Robert Boylhart, CPP: AT&T
Dan Chastene, Ph.D., CPP: University of Detroit
Ken Hopper: Bell Communications Research
Vince Kelly: Hughes Aircraft
Bill Kowling: Illinois Bell Telephone
Andy O'Connell: New Jersey Bell Telephone
Ted Swift: ACM Security Consultants
Marvin Moss: Telecommunications Training Division, Texas A&M University

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