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Telephone Eavesdropping and Detection


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There are several hundred retail and Internet spy stores selling a wide variety of Spy Devices, which come in all sizes, shapes and functional reliability. Depending upon the application, you can buy a Spy Device that will intercept room conversations, wiretap phone conversations or use a pin-hole lens to secretly watch someone.

There are numerous issues that someone thinking about buying a spy device needs to be aware of, and those are the legal issues surrounding the use of the device and its reliability. Before you buy a Spy Device you should be aware that it is a felony to eavesdrop on someone without their knowledge. Depending upon which State or even country that if you live in, it might be legal for your to record your own conversations with someone because you are keeping the recording for documentation purposes. However, if all parties of conversation believe they are not being eavesdropped on then it is usually a felony to use a Spy Device to do so. Depending on the type of Spy Device it may also be illegal to even own it.

Because of the legal restrictions placed on many retail spy shops and spy stores, many illegal Spy Devices are sold over the Internet and mostly from locations based outside of the United States. Again, depending upon were you live, it may be a felony to even import an illegal Spy Device. Also, many foreign spy shops sale extremely unreliable spy devices. Because of the distance and expense of shipping, dealing with returns can be a problem.

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There are probably hundreds of books on wiretaps, but few are written by industry professionals who understand the creative but complex nature of wiretapping. It is certainly understandable why a reputably successful wiretappers who has spent years breaking the laws would not want to write about his techniques. It is also understandable why law enforcement would not write a book explaining how they performed wiretap operations.

The Red Balloon is produced by one of the worlds leading experts in wiretapping and he is the author on the recognized authoritative text book on the subject. The video’s host is also the only industry expert to teach and coordinate electronic eavesdropping and wiretapping programs at a major university and has trained hundreds of corporate security, law enforcement and members of the intelligence community.

The Red Balloon is a two-hour DVD that presents the truly accurate and insightful world of Spy Devices and techniques and is a critically acclaimed and award winning video. Security Management, the largest security magazine in the world has given The Red Balloon a 5 Stars Review.

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