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Telephone Eavesdropping and Detection


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Debugging is the act of someone looking for bugging or wiretapping devices. May also refer to equipment used to help detect eavesdropping devices. The technical term for Debugging is Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM.

With the proliferation of bugging devices sold each year by the hundreds of retail and Internet spy shops, and the rapidly increasing rate of industrial espionage; the debugging industry is rapidly gaining the attention of both manufacturers of electronic equipment and the security industry.

Unfortunately, there are so few skilled debugging professionals, that it has been difficult for this industry to develop standards that acceptable to all. A few manufacturers such as REI in Tennessee, ISA in Connecticut, and Audiotel in England have spent a significant amount of time and money developing much of the equipment needed by the debugging professional. And, Glen Whidden in Virginia had done more than an admirable job of trying to bring the TSCM industry together. Yet, as of 2006 there is no certification standard for the TSCM industry.

This makes it very difficult for both the individual consumer and security professional to find knowledgeable and reliable be bugging professionals. The Red Balloon dedicates two chapters to this subject and should be viewed if you think you have a need to have your home or office checked for eavesdropping devices. Also, for those of you looking at this web site and who are interested in exploring a career in the debugging field, The Red Balloon will give you a tremendous amount of insight into both eavesdropping devices and techniques. To learn what industry professionals have said about The Red Balloon please click here.

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There are probably hundreds of books oneavesdropping and debugging, but few are written by industry professionals who understand the creative but complex nature of eavesdropping debugging. It is certainly understandable why a reputably successful eavesdroppers and wiretappers who has spent years breaking the laws would not want to write about it. It is also understandable why law enforcement would not write a book explaining how they performed eavesdropping operations. And, it should be obvious what a debugging professional is not going to tell you how he does his job.

The Red Balloon is produced by one of the worlds leading experts in eavesdropping and debugging and he is the author on the recognized authoritative text book on the subject. The video’s host is also the only industry expert to teach and coordinate electronic eavesdropping debugging programs at a major university and has trained hundreds of corporate security, law enforcement and members of the intelligence community.

The Red Balloon is a two-hour DVD that presents the truly accurate and insightful world of eavesdropping techniques and debugging ,and is a critically acclaimed and award winning video. Security Management, the largest security magazine in the world has given The Red Balloon a 5 Stars Review.