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Carrier current transmitters are radio eavesdropping bugs that operate at very low radio frequencies, typically from 10 KHz to 500 KHz, and use the power lines as an antenna. Carrier current transmitters are also frequently referred to as power line transmitters and are sold as wireless intercom systems at most electronic stores such as Radio Shack.

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There are probably hundreds of books on eavesdropping and the use of carrier current transmitters, but few are written by industry professionals who understand the creative but complex nature of eavesdropping. It is certainly understandable why a reputably successful eavesdroppers who has spent years breaking the laws would not want to write about how they used carrier current transmitters. It is also understandable why law enforcement would not write a book explaining how they performed eavesdropping operations.

The Red Balloon is produced by one of the worlds leading experts in eavesdropping and he is the author on the recognized authoritative text book on the subject. The video’s host is also the only industry expert to teach and coordinate electronic eavesdropping programs at a major university and has trained hundreds of corporate security, law enforcement and members of the intelligence community.

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