Telephone Eavesdropping and Detection


Learn About Electronic Eavesdropping

Hosted by one of the world’s most recognized eavesdropping experts, the award winning two-hour video “The Red Balloon” reveals the secrets of wiretapping and bugging devices and the exploding growth of eavesdropping. This is a must see video before buying any type of eavesdropping device, bug detection equipment or hiring a company to perform a bug sweep. The entire two-hour video is now available for your free viewing. Click Here to Watch entire video.


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It is refreshingly vibrant and engaging.” “Taylor explains information clearly and adds a dose of dry wit to keep viewers’ attention.” “5 Stars” review in Security Management (largest subscription based security magazine in the world.)

“When we’ve shown portions of the DVD in training classes the response is the same. When can we see more. They just can’t wait to see the next chapter. It’s ADDICTING. Five ***** Stars. At $99.00 each, everyone should have their own copy.” G.F. Bryant, Executive Director, World Security Institute

The Red Balloon covers in about 2 hours what I cover in a 2 day TSCM seminar.” Tim Johnson, Technical Security Consultants, Inc.

"The Red Balloon is an amazingly well done video. The information is provided in a simple and clear manner that both laymen and professionals will thoroughly enjoy and learn from.” Rick Udovich, President, Communication Security, Inc.

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Industrial Espionage and Electronic Surveillance

Industrial espionage and electronic eavesdropping surveillance is growing at a phenomenal rate. This growth has created new demands for eavesdropping devices, bug detectors, wiretap detection equipment and other TSCM counter surveillance products and bug sweep services.

For example, did you know that the U.S. State Department estimates that there are over 700,000 eavesdropping devices sold each year. The State Department also reports that over 6,500 incidents of industrial espionage occur in the United States each year with an average economic impact of $1.25 million. Additionally, the American Society for Industrial Security estimates that Economic and Industrial Espionage cost Fortune 1000 companies over $53 billion in 2001. And, an annual report to Congress in 2004 on Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage estimates that such activities cost anywhere from $100 to $250 billion annually.

Unfortunately, these surveys and estimates do not include the over 600,000 businesses in the U.S. with more than 20 employees or the 98,000 companies with more than 100 employees.

The explosive rates of industrial espionage and electronic eavesdropping and wiretapping has created a need for new information in the areas of:

Industrial Espionage

Discover how the Industrial Espionage Act has done little, if anything, to deter the rapidly growing rate domestic and foreign competitive intelligence in the U.S. or around the world. Learn how corporate espionage is used to gain an unfair competitive advantage and how technical technology to support these activities is rapidly growing.

Electronic Eavesdropping and Surveillance

Technology advancements have significantly enhanced the capabilities and size of electronic eavesdropping devices during that last decade. Discover how radio transmitter bugs are designed to avoid detection by radio scanners and counter surveillance receivers. Also, learn about how miniature wireless cameras and nanny cams have expanded the scope of electronic surveillance beyond the traditional methods of installing room bugs and wiretaps.

Phone Taps

Learn about telephone wiretapping and the characteristics of different types of wiretap devices. Why so many devices sold to detect wiretaps actually can't find even the basic telephone wiretap devices sold at most electronic stores. Also, discover how an eavesdropper can wiretap your line by simply manipulating the telephone cables.

Cell Phone Taps and Bugs

Discover how technology designed to wiretap cellular mobile phone calls has opened a whole new avenue for wiretapping, eavesdropping and espionage. See actual the actual equipment that will allow someone to tap into a mobile phone, as well as how your working mobile phone can be turned into an eavesdropping device to intercept you room conversations.

Professional Spy Equipment and Spy Gear

Discover the true capabilities the surveillance eavesdropping devices sold over the Internet. See the best spy equipment in the world and learn about the future of eavesdropping. Also, learn how easy it is for anyone to purchase spy equipment, as well as how to use many items sold at electronic stores for illegal eavesdropping.

Spy Shops and Spy Stores

Discover how spy stores are trying to meet the demands for cost effective eavesdropping devices and how spyshops are opening in every major every city. Learn why online spy stores are one of the biggest areas of growth for Internet e-commerce.

Information Security and Information Technology

Discover why the need for information security and information technology has created a growing demand for undergraduate and masters degree programs in information security.

Spyware and Keyloggers

Discover why Computer Security issues are just as important in the new world of electronic eavesdropping and why not to use your computer when trying to contact a technical surveillance countermeasures "TSCM" counter surveillance bug sweep service.

Bug Detectors and Wiretap Detection Equipment

Discover why the explosive rate of wiretapping, electronic eavesdropping and competitive intelligence has created a rapidly growing industry for eavesdropping countermeasures equipment. Also discover why most eavesdropping detection and debugging equipment may be a waste of your money.

TSCM Counter Surveillance Bug Sweep

Learn about the professional technical surveillance countermeasures industry, the training and knowledge required, the experience and the equipment needed to detect and locate eavesdropping and wiretapping devices. Also, learn how long a typical eavesdropping sweep will take and the price range you should expect to pay.